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How to Clear your Gmail account Space 2022


Gmail, the search engine giant Google’s email feature is used by millions of people across the world. The email platform has become the preferred choice of users for sending personal and professional mails. However, sometimes users face problem as Gmail has limited storage.

Note that a Google account can only store free data up to 15 GB. Moreover, the allocated space also covers the data from Google Photos, Google Drive and other services alobg with Gmail. Once the data nears 15 GB limit, you get a notification indicating that the storage is about to be full.


So if you are thinking about how to clean up Gmail storage space for free without having to painstakingly delete every single insignificant mail then follow the steps below.

Method 1 to clear space of gmail

You can clear some storage space by deleting large emails and ease your storage on Gmail. To do this, you need to follow these steps below.

STEP 1: Type ‘has:attachment larger:10M’ in the search bar of your Gmail web.

STEP 2: You can see all the emails having size of more than 10MB of media, pdf and other document embeded mail in the inbox.

STEP 3: Select all these mails and unmark those which are important. Press delete button.

STEP 4: Now you just need to go to the Trash folder, press ‘Empty Trash’ button.

Method 2

The second method you can use to free some of the storage space is by deleting the insignificant mails. We often get promotional mails and newsletters some of which are not of use and are unnecessarily filling up storage space. All you need to do is open these mails and select ‘Unsubscribe’ button below them. A pop window will appear, just select ‘Unsubscribe’ option again.



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